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Support and Scholarship Programmes


The Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) Graduate School constantly aims at improving graduate programmes and at making graduate studies affordable to qualified candidates.


For Graduate Students 


Financial aid programme for graduate students to attend academic activities 

The aim of this programme is to encourage participation of Master'’s and PhD students in congresses, conferences and symposiums to disseminate the findings and results obtained in their theses (oral presentations). To apply for this aid, students must have their theses formally registered under the Graduate School repository.


Student exchange support programmes for doctoral students

Students of doctoral programmes may apply for funding to cover travel expenses. It would allow them to carry out study stays (of at least 1 month) at prestigious research centres abroad so that they can continue with their theses work in those institutions.


UdeC Programmes – English on Line

The “UdeC - English on Line” programme is sponsored by the Graduate School of Universidad de Concepción. This programme is aimed at graduate students with or without elementary English language skills. The programme is also offered to students who have been enrolled in other programmes previously authorized by the Graduate School.


Summer school

The summer school is held during the month of January each year. It offers graduate courses in various areas. Professionals from the country and abroad as well as graduate students are eligible to participate.



For Graduate Programme Directors


Visiting professors’ programme

This programme is intended to partially finance visiting professors from national and foreign universities.

Visiting professors must perform curricular academic activities in the programme that requests them.

It is advisable to include the discussion of thesis research topics among these activities. Topics and activities will be primarily organized considering the specialty of the visiting professor, the participation of the largest possible number of graduate students and academics, and the resources obtained by the programme from national and international agencies.

The amount of financial resources allocated will be announced within a period of 30 days from the application date. Resources are limited.


Programme for the provision of learning and teaching support material 

The aim of this programme is to contribute to the teaching and learning process through the purchase of books, study texts and relevant software for graduate students. Requests must be channelled through programme directors and will be resolved in accordance with their development plans and availability of financial resources.



Scholarship PROGRAMMES


The main objective of this programme is to promote graduate studies and contribute to the development of the undergraduate programmes.

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants or graduate students with outstanding academic performance and the ability to contribute to undergraduate teaching under the direct supervision of a University professor.

Scholarships granted by the Graduate School are for graduate programmes financially dependent on the Graduate School (according to the available financial resources). They include the following benefits (benefits are not exclusive):

  1. Partial or total exemption of tuition fees (it does not include payment of registration fee)
  2. Monthly stipend for 10 months

Duration of scholarships is governed by the current Scholarship Regulations.

Scholarship applications for “accepted candidates” to graduate programmess financially dependent on the Graduate School must be made at www. post_programas/

The application period is from 1 to 30 December each year. It is recommended not to apply in the last days as there could be a possible overload of the registration system. Results will be announced second week of March onwards.





Students awarded with the Universidad de Concepción Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Performance are exempt from the payment of registration fee, in the terms established in the Decree U. de C. Nº 2000-197 of 29.12.2000.

How to apply for this benefit?

  1. You must be an accepted candidate to one of the UdeC Graduate Programmes.
  2. You must have a letter from the candidate to the Programme Director, requesting the benefit.
  3. You must have a photocopy of the award certificate.
  4. In the event that the student has completed the undergraduate programme in a school other than the one offering the graduate programme in which he/she has been accepted, the applicant must also attach a communication from the dean of the school offering the programme, in which the dean explicitly authorizes the granting of the scholarship.
  5. Once all the relevant documents have been collected, the applicant must contact the programme director. The programme director will then send the request to the graduate school.





This scholarship is aimed at students who are children or spouses of workers affiliated to the union participating in the collective agreement signed with the University. It consists of the exemption of the tuition fees in direct proportion to the weekly working hours established in the worker’s contract.

Applicants for this scholarship must be students enrolled in the graduate programmes. Applicants must meet all the academic requirements established by the graduate scholarship programmes. In the case of decentralized programmes, the amount of scholarship will not exceed the highest fee of the centralized programmes.

The university worker must fill in the application form at the Human Resources Department, and then request an interview with the Social Worker.





This scholarship is addressed to those students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree and have been accepted in a graduate programme. It has a maximum duration of two years, and it is not extendable. The applicant must have the academic status of an undergraduate student and must attach a verifiable “certificate of studies”.

This benefit is aimed at those students who have demonstrated good academic performance.

Graduate programmes will have to inform the dean of each school before 30 November of the undergraduate students who will receive the Undergraduate–Postgraduate Articulation Scholarship. The dean in turn will communicate this information to the graduate school.

  • The scholarship will be awarded by the Vice Chancellor, after a report issued by the graduate school.
  • The scholarship will be suspended if the student’s academic performance is deficient.
  • The students will lose their scholarship if they do not comply with the norms and regulations established in the standard of conduct of the University.
  • The application must be submitted directly by the applicant to the relevant school.
  • The scholarship is incompatible with any other scholarship granted by the Universidad de Concepción, but compatible with those given by external sources.


Applicant’s Requirements: 

1. Being accepted in a graduate programme.

2. Minimum average grade: 5.0 (grading scale from 1 to 7).

3. Being enrolled in an undergraduate programme at the time of applying.

4. No record of penalties or sanctions imposed by the University for proven acts of academic or non-academic misconduct.

5. Having completed their undergraduate program in 5 years or less.