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Doctorate Programme

The postgraduate programme leads to the highest degree attained in the University of Concepción. It aims to build graduates with advanced skills for design, performance and leadership autonomously, recognize research as an original contribution to the advancement of science, technology, humanities and arts. Through an advanced methodological, cognitive and attitudinal preparation of the graduate, the student is expected to be able to solve disciplinary and interdisciplinary problems of the social, economic and cultural environment in different fields of knowledge. The course has a duration of four years.

Agricultural and Forestry Sciences

  • PhD in Agronomy Science 
  • PhD in Forestry Science 
  • PhD in Water Resources and Energy for Agriculture 


Environmental Sciences 

  • PhD in Environmental Sciences, mention in Continental Aquatic System 


Biological Sciences 

  • PhD in Molecular Biotechnology 
  • Phd in Molecular and Cellular Biology 


Engineering Sciences 

  • PhD in Material Engineering Science 
  • PhD in Computer Science 
  • PhD in Material Engineering Science, mention in Electric Engineering 
  • PhD in Material Engineering Science, mention in Chemical Engineering 
  • PhD in Energy 
  • PhD in Industrial Engineering 
  • PhD in Metallurgical Engineering 


Health Sciences 

  • PhD in Mental Health 


Physics and Mathematical Sciences 

  • PhD in Applied Sciences, mention in Mathematical Engineering 
  • PhD in Applied Physics 
  • PhD in Mathematics 


Natural and Oceanographic Sciences 

  • PhD in Sciences, mention in Management or Renewable Aquatic Recourses 
  • PhD in Oceanographic 
  • PhD in Systematic and Biodiversity 


Chemical Sciences 

  • PhD in Sciences, mention in Chemistry 
  • PhD in Geological Science 


Socials Sciences 

  • PhD in Psychology 


  • PhD in History 
  • PhD in Linguistics 
  • PhD in Latin American Literature 


Analytics Sciences 

  • PhD in Sciences and Analytics Technologies 


Veterinarian Sciences 

  • PhD in Veterinarian Science