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The Corporation Board, in a session on 13 December 2018, had agreed to resolve and fix an annual Tuition and Registration fees that will be valid for Postgraduate Programmes and Specialties for the academic year 2019. 

Through the same, decree UdeC N°2019-004 was established: 

  • Registration Fee $210.000 – for first year students 
  • Tuition fees for first year students for all the programmes are indicated below. 
    All prices are in Chilean pesos


Tuition List 2019 

University Taxes 2019 


  1. The students who will be rewarded by the University of Concepción will be exempt of tuition and registration fees, according to the terms established by the decree U. De C. Nº 2012-034 of 26.04.2012 2, postgraduate student will have the right to health insurance with the same terms as undergraduate students. 
  2. Tuitions of superior courses will be readjusted with a 3.5% 
  3. If the annual tuition is paid in cash, the student will obtain a 10% discount on the annual total amount or a 5% discount on the total amount of the semester fees. This discount will be effective for all payments made until March 31, 2019. Please consider the second semester as the deadline, which is until August 31, 2019. 




Below you will find details on the internal and external scholarships offered by the University of Concepción.

Internal Scholarships: 

Postgraduate scholarship programme 

The fundamental purpose of this postgraduate programme is to nurture and contribute the student’s development. The potential scholar is the accepted postulant or a regular postgraduate student who is characterized of having outstanding academic performance and the ability to collaborate in undergraduate teaching, under the tuition of a University academic. 

The scholarships granted by the Postgraduate Department are for postgraduate programmes that depend of the Financial Administration of the department. The scholarship amount would depend on the available resources, which contemplates the following benefits: 

  • Total or partial exemption of tuition fees (Registration fee not included) 
  • A monthly allowance for the next periods, distributed in a 10-month period. (MAR–DEC/APR–JAN)

The postgraduate scholarships are managed by the current scholarship regulations. The former students who haven’t received these benefits before and have presented an application for exemption of tuition scholarship must do so through the web page: This would require a university e-mail address. 

The “accepted applicant” request for the scholarships for the postgraduate programme must be fulfilled online at The application period for both cases is from 1 December to 31 January of each year. It is recommended that students don’t wait till the last few days to apply as the system could be saturated by then. The results for the same will be announced second week of March onwards. 


University Awarded Scholarship 

The students who are rewarded with the University of Concepción award are exempted of tuition and registration fees, according to the terms established by the decree U. De C. Nº 2000-197 of 29.12.2000. 

How to make this benefit effective? 

1. Students who are quality accepted applicants in a postgraduate programme of the University of Concepción are eligible. 

2. Students must write a letter addressed to the programme director, applying to make the benefit effective. 

3. A photocopy of the award certificate must be attached.

4. If a student has finished undergraduate in a different subject that the postgraduate programme in which they were accepted, the letter must include a note from the Faculty Dean that of the programme, authorizing the scholarship. 

5. Once all the documents are gathered, the application must be channelled through the Program Director of the postgraduate programme. 


Undergraduate–Postgraduate Formation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to those students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree and are accepted as a candidate in a postgraduate programme. It has a maximum duration of 2 years, which is not extendable. For the student to make use of this scholarship, they must maintain simultaneously the academic condition of a regular undergraduate, it will be validated with a regular student certificate. 

This scholarship also applies to those students who have proven good academic performance. The postgraduate programmes will have to inform each Faculty Dean before 30 November each year, and students who can benefit from the undergraduate–postgraduate formation scholarship to the Postgraduate Department will be informed. 

This Scholarship will be granted by the Vice Chancellor prior to the Postgraduate Department’s report. 

If the academic performance of the scholar decreases, the scholarship will be suspended. 

If the scholar commits an infraction of the student’s code of conduct, they will lose the scholarship.

The candidate must apply directly to the faculty. 

This scholarship is incompatible with any other scholarship granted by the University of Concepción; however, it is compatible with scholarships granted by external sources. 


Requirements: ​

  • The student must be accepted in a postgraduate programme 
  • Minimum average grade must be 5 (on a scale of 1–7) 
  • At the time of applying, the student must be a regular undergraduate student 
  • The student shouldn’t have sanctions at the University 
  • The student shouldn’t have a time period of more than 5 years in the career of origin 


Union Collective Agreement Scholarship 

All students who are the children or spouses of union workers, they are eligible for this scholarship. It consists of the exemption of tuition fee in the direct proportion of the worker’s beneficiary. The applicants to this scholarship must be regular students of a postgraduate programme and must fulfil all the academics requirements demanded by the postgraduate scholarship. For decentralized programmes, the scholarship amount cannot exceed the highest tuition of centralized programmes. 

The union worker must request in the Personal Department for the application form and then ask for an interview with a social assistant for the evaluation of their background.



FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions: 

About Applications: ​

  • I tried to register, but the web page indicates that I have already registered. How do I recover my password? 

If you are already registered, you must request your password to this email address:, indicating your full name and ID or Passport number. 


  • If I’m a foreigner and I have not completed the paperwork for my passport, which number should I enter in the user registration? 

If you don’t have a passport number, you should register with the ID of your country. 


  • Can I apply to a doctorate programme with a professional degree? 

No, to apply to a doctorate programme, you must have an academic degree such as a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. 


  • Can I apply for a master’s programme with a professional degree? 

Yes, for a master’s programme, you must have a professional bachelor’s degree, or one whose course level and contents are equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. 


  • Which documents should I attach with my application? 

You must attach the following documents: 

a) Substantiated request for programme admission;
b) Legalized photocopy of student’s background, which includes titles, degrees and grade transcripts of previous studies;
c) The applicant must provide 2 academic reports, out of which one must be from an academic from the university the applicant graduated from;
d) Origin of the financial resources that would be available to you during the course period;
e) Health insurance compatible with the programme you postulate;
f) Sponsorship or authorization of the institution to which it belongs, if applicable;
g) Birth certificate;
h) Complementary documentation, according to individual programme requirements;
i) Certificate of the solidary credit fund (only for students graduated from the University of Concepción).


  • If I’m a foreigner, could I send the application documents via e-mail? 

Yes, you can initiate the process with digital copies of documents. You will need to send the legalized documents as soon as you are accepted and notified by the postgraduate department. 


  • If I’m a foreigner, which documents should I get legalized in my home country? 

You must legalize your academic background documents: titles, degrees and grade transcripts. The legalized ones will be valid when the embassy or consulate of Chile in the country from where you obtained your degrees get the stamp or seal. 


  • Once my application is accepted by the postgraduate department, how do I obtain or solicitate the acceptation programme certificate? 

If you have been accepted or notified by the postgraduate department, you must solicitate the certificate at the following e-mail:; you must indicate your full name, the institution where you will be present and for what procedure.




Register – If you are not already registered 

Log in – If you are already registered, then enter your username and password 


Postgraduate Programme Application Documentation  ​

  1. Application form with a programme justification/statement of purpose 
  2. To enter to the following: 

    - Health Specialties: Legalize copy of professional degree 

    - Master’s: Legalize copy of bachelor’s or professional degree 

     - Doctorate: Legalized copy of bachelor’s or master´s degree 

  3. Legalized copy of your grades, including information on the grading system 
  4. Birth certificate 
  5. ID photocopy  
  6. Medical certificate
  7. Affiliation certificate of health insurance, like FONASA, ISAPRE, etc.; if you are an exchange student, a document certifying that you have an international insurance will work 
  8. Solidary credit fund certificate (for University of Concepción graduated students only) 
  9. One photograph, with name and number ID 
  10. Sponsorship or authorization of the institution to which you belong, if applicable 
  11. Complementary documentation, according to programme requirements 


Degrees received abroad, the document N° 2 and N°3 must be apostilled or legalized at the Chilean consulate of the country of origin 

Note: The documentation that backs up your application must be sent directly to the Programme Director