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Master’s Programme

The postgraduate programme aims to build students’ analytical, critical and creative skills that can embrace advancement, deepening and improvement in a specific area of science, technology, humanities or the arts. Through an advanced methodological, cognitive and attitudinal preparation of the students, they are expected to be able to solve disciplinary and interdisciplinary problems of the social, economic and cultural environment in different fields of knowledge. There are two Master’s: Academic and Professional Master’s degree. It has a duration of two years.


Agricultural and Forestry Sciences

  • Master’s in Agronomy Science, mention in Soil Science and Natural Recourse; Plant Production and Protection 
  • Master’s in Forestry Science 
  • Master’s in Agriculture Engineering, mention in Agroindustry; Energy and Meccanization; Water Resources


Environmental Sciences 

  • Master’s in Integrated Management: Environment, Occupational Risks and Corporate Social Responsibilities


Biological Sciences 

  • Master’s in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics 
  • Master’s in Molecular Biotechnology 
  • Master’s in Science, mention in Microbiology 
  • Master’s in Neurobiology 


Engineering Sciences 

  • Master’s in Computer Science 
  • Master’s in Engineering Science, mention in Civil Engineering 
  • Master’s in Engineering Science, mention in Electric Engineering 
  • Master’s in Engineering Science, mention in Mechanical Engineering 
  • Master’s in Engineering Science, mention in Chemical Engineering 
  • Master’s in Industrial Management, mention in Financial Management 
  • Master’s in Industrial Engineering 
  • Master’s in Metallurgical Engineering 
  • Master’s in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship 


Health Sciences 

  • Master’s in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology 
  • Master’s in Pharmaceutical Science 
  • Master’s in Dental Science
  • Master’s in Nursing 
  • Master’s in Ergonomics 
  • Master’s in Human Physiology 
  • Master’s in Human Nutrition 
  • Master’s in Sexual and Reproductive Health 


Economic and Administrative Sciences 

  • MBA: Master’s in Business Administration 
  • Master’s in Applied Economics 
  • Master’s in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics 
  • Master’s in Human Resources Management 


Physics and Mathematical Sciences 

  • Master’s in Astronomy 
  • Master’s in Science, mention in Physics 
  • Master’s in Statistics 
  • Master’s in Geophysics 
  • Master’s in Mathematic 


Legal and Social Sciences 

  • Master’s in Labour Law and Social Welfare 
  • Master’s in Private Law 
  • Master’s in Public Law 
  • Master’s in Tax Law 
  • Master’s in Politics and Government 


Natural and Oceanographic Sciences 

  • Master’s in Science, mention in Botany 
  • Master’s in Science, mention in Oceanography 
  • Master’s in Science, mention in Fisheries 
  • Master’s in Science, mention in Zoology 


Chemical Sciences 

  • Master’s in Science, mention in Chemistry 


Socials Sciences 

  • Master’s in Geographic Analysis 
  • Master’s in Regional Science 
  • Master’s in Family Intervention 
  • Master’s in Social Research and Development 
  • Master’s in Sustainable Urban Process 
  • Master’s in Psychology, mention in Health Psychology; Organization and Work Psychology; Educational Psychology 
  • Master’s in Social Work and Social Policies 



  • Master’s in Coexistence and Citizenship for Educational Institutions 
  • Master’s in Mathematic Didactics, mention in Elementary Education; High School Education 
  • Master’s in Didactics for Classroom Methodology 
  • Master’s in Education 
  • Master’s in Physical Education 
  • Master’s in Medical Education for Health Science 
  • Master’s in Educational Administration and Leadership 
  • Master’s in Educational Informatics for Teaching 
  • Master’s in Innovation of English Teaching, Learning and Evaluation 



  • Master’s in Heritage and Arts 
  • Master’s in Philosophy 
  • Master’s in History 
  • Master’s in Applied Linguistic 
  • Master’s in Hispanic Literature 


Mineralogy and Geometallurgy 

  • Master’s in Applied Mineralogy to Geometallurgy 


Veterinarian Sciences 

  • Master’s in Veterinarian Science, mention in Quality and Safety of Food of Animal Origin 
  • Master’s in Technology and Food Safety of Animal Origin 



  • Master’s in Management and Resilient Architecture for Disaster Risk Reduction